Upwork is looking for a Consultation and write documentation for a project...


    Looking for a guy to have a short consultation call to clarify where I aim, and to write me a short and precise documentation after the call regarding the project directions and the best way to do it…

    Project details :

    I have some dotnet APIs, which trigger a process. Diagnostics process to run a cypress script ( js ) which is writing results into a JSON, the JSON is

    read and returned to the front end. This needs to run in parallel for many users ( the CPU resources will be too much for a server since will run multiple instances of cypress at the same time ) so I need a solution to make them work properly and still have access to the results. / being able to pass variables to the cypress script. The cypress script can take up to 10 minutes.

    Everything can be re-write in order to aim the optimization and resource-wise