Upwork is looking for a Experienced JavaScript/React Developer with NLP/LLM Experience for...


    We are in search of a proficient developer experienced in JavaScript, the React framework, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Language Model (LLM) to enhance our existing travel planner app. Our team is working on refining and expanding the capabilities of our app, and we require a specialist who can leverage their understanding of NLP/LLM to improve our user experience and app… capabilities.

    Here are the specific requirements:

    Custom Prompts: We need to adapt and refine our current request and display functions to suit our specific needs. Your role will be to tweak these functions to enhance user engagement and ensure the accuracy of the data displayed. Familiarity with custom prompt implementation in JavaScript and React is ideal.

    Narrow Down Prompting using NLP/LLM: We aim to use NLP/LLM principles to narrow down user prompts. Your task will be to adapt and modify our ChatInput, Dialogue.js, and index.js files, particularly the sendPrompt function, along with the related context information. The goal is to achieve an end-to-end interaction within our application that utilizes NLP/LLM for a more intuitive user interface.

    External API Database Integration: We are looking for the best method to integrate an external API hotel dataset into our system. This process involves extracting relevant booking information such as dates, locations, hotels, availability, number of travelers, etc. We require your expertise in optimizing this extraction process, leveraging NLP/LLM principles to provide the most accurate and relevant information to our users.

    Candidates should have strong experience in using NLP/LLM or similar systems, extensive knowledge of JavaScript, and knowledge in the React framework. Familiarity with travel booking systems will be a plus. This role may require solid problem-solving skills, as you will be refining and implementing new processes to improve the performance and user experience of our app.

    To make it clear - currently we have complete itinerary generation functionality - including hotel and location and activity recommandations. We just need to tweak the current plaform for more extensive functionality , as described