Upwork is looking for a JavaScript developer with experience in Ecommerce platforms ...

    We are looking for a JavaScript developer who can write a script that will add items to a cart from an external resource.

    The Tag will be tested on an Magento 2 site.

    Company Background

    Vicinity Media is a location ad technology and data business. Established in South Africa in 2013, Vicinity serves a global community of mobile advertisers and publishers using exclusive, purpose built, location based technology. The unique driving force behind the unrivalled relevancy we create is our proprietary 1st party location data, which we’ve built via opt-in from consenting users across the exclusive network of premium publisher sites we’re directly integrated with. We help clients deliver contextual and meaningful advertising experiences rooted in 100% location accuracy. These campaigns are also 100% traceable and easy to see on our premium network, because we believe transparency is non-negotiable – what we promise is what we deliver; and what we deliver is an unrivalled return on… investment. Vicinity harnesses best of breed technology and location expertise to deliver street level location targeting and driving mobile users into advertiser locations. We target users further based on search term, handset type, time of day or day of the week, right down to weather specific weather conditions in exact locations - ramping up the relevance of mobile campaigns to never before achieved levels. Vicinity Media is bringing a Relevance Revolution to mobile.


    Location-based mobile advertising, Demographic location targeting, Optimized mobile campaigns and communications, WeatherTrac mobile weather activated mobile advertising, and Location Data



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