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    Upwork is looking for a Prompt engineer - Contract to Hire

    Hey there! We’re True, an AI development company determined to give digital workers their time back. We like to do things our own way: including prompt engineering.

    Emails are mostly useless and boring… except when they are not. Our team of data scientists and engineers have created some amazing prompts and infrastructure for replies on social media…

    Our next giant hurdle?


    • Shudders*

    We aren’t interested in your qualifications or websites built (well, not that much)… we just wanna know how you answer the following:

    Consider an autoresponder application that generates emails for a user. Write a prompt that will automatically respond to the emails the user receives. How would you incorporate the user preferences into this prompt to make the replies more personalised?

    As part of your application, please include specifically:

    The prompt/prompts you would use and how you thought about the problem.

    Please also provide your current favourite application of AI (or web app that uses it) and Why.

    Please consider the wide variety of emails that people receive. The types of queries, the types of actions etc.

    We are excited to work with some AI creatives!




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