Upwork is looking for a Prompt Engineer for AI - Contract to Hire

    We are looking for experienced and skilled prompt engineers to join our team and help us build automation and test out new ideas for our AI systems. As a prompt engineer, you will be responsible for designing and implementing prompts that effectively communicate with our AI models and improve their performance.


    ✅Design and implement effective prompts for AI models

    ✅Collaborate with the team to test and refine prompts

    ✅Continuously research and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in prompt engineering for AI

    ✅Provide feedback and suggestions for improving the performance of our AI systems


    🟢Proven experience as a prompt engineer for AI

    🟢Strong understanding of AI models and how they work

    🟢Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

    🟢Ability to work independently and as part of a team

    🟢Strong communication skills

    This is a remote position with a pay rate of $5.00 per hour. If you are interested in this opportunity,

    please apply with your resume and relevant experience.

    send to: gie.consulta21@gmail.com

    Subject title: Prompt Engineer for AI - [Last name, First Name]