Upwork is looking for a Python that uses ChatGPT to add information about input

    See the attached image file. There are many many rows in "Input File 1" that needs to be matched, so this means that there are many questions to be asked to ChatGPT, and I want to automatize that.

    I need to…

    1. Put all the questions in column A of excel file.

    2. Use a python in a way that it will ask each question one by one to ChatGPT

    3. Automatically put ChatGPT's answer onto column B.

    For #2 and #3, ChatGPT already gave me an answer though I didn't check if it works.

    Actually, #2 and #3 will be such a great system that you can use it for lots of your own other works, too, if it works.

    ChatGPT will probably guide you on how to do #1 as well though I haven't tried yet.

    Write how you plan to do this project specifically, and write "GPT123" to show that you read this job description. Otherwise I cannot consider your bid