Upwork is looking for a Senior Backend Python Software Developer wanted for a ground up...

    Looking to rebuild a Contract management application targeted at the non-profit sector. I've attached a relatively detailed spec below.

    I'm an ex-VP Engineering of a large Bay Area company, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I understand how software is built and am still relatively hands on…

    My requirements on the person:

    • Someone friendly to work with, who is passionate about technology, programming and python. If you love what you do, I think we'll enjoy working together!
    • Someone fluent in English. You don't need to be a native speaker, but you must have excellent written and oral English communication.
    • Close to my timezone in Dublin. Ideally plus or minus two hours.
    • A senior engineer who knows Django deeply. You should understand how the auth system in particular works extremely well as well as having experience with custom middleware, DRF, performance optimization & design patterns and architectural best practices.
    • Lots of experience with testing your own software and writing test suites.
    • UI Experience is not required. We will be creating controllers and views, but you should hopefully be spending 90-95% of your time on the backend models & logic and not on form design.
    • Available full time for the duration of the work
    • Is comfortable with checking in code daily with a feature branch workflow, comfortable breaking down work on to task lists (eg trello) and doing a quick daily standup & a longer weekly sync on a video call for the duration of the project.

    Regarding the job:

    • The job is broken up in to phases.
    • In the document attached, we will only be working up to Phase 1 in the first instance. Most of that is very focused around getting the authentication and authorization layer correct and setting up some simple objects. Some of the deeper features come in Phase 2.
    • Ideally we will work together in future Phases once this phase is delivered successfully