Upwork is looking for a Smart contract solidity - Contract to Hire

    For dead wallet function (smart contract) :

    -Give the possibility of being able to add the cryptos that you want to send before signing the contract…

    By default, you can select bnb, busd, usdt, cake, eth, usdc, flash token BEP20 and the rest need add smart contract manually

    -Each crypto charges additional transaction fees because to return the cryptos we will need gas fees for each crypto

    -User can set timer by minutes, hours,days and years

    -The user must enter the recipient address only an address that starts with 0x (Disallow user to enter anything else to avoid errors)

    -We must also be able to define a price according to each day example 1 day = 0.03 cents if a person uses 1 year we make 0.03*365 days = 10.95 + our own fees. This calculation applies for 1 cryptocurrency if you have 5 cryptocurrencies do this calculation 5 times (We must be given the possibility of being able to modify the daily costs in the contract). If a user uses the function less than 1 day (1 day = 24 hours). Always charge like it's a day

    -The transaction fee price must follow the gas fee price of the bnb if the gas fee increases by 20% for example the transaction price to validate the dead wallet function must increase by 20% accordingly if it goes down the opposite

    -The BNB are taken from the common pool to be able to cover the gas costs if ever the price of the gas costs of the bnb has gone up, you must still be able to send the cryptos to the sender wallet, it is an additional security

    -The fees we take on each transaction are sent directly to a different address from the bnb pool to pay the gas fees if they are missing

    -The user can cancel the signing of the smart contract at any time with buton on app