vidIQ is looking for a React Native Mobile Engineer (Remote) at vidIQ in Remote

    Job description About Us vidIQ's mission is to advance the creator's journey with actionable data-driven insights. We pursue this through our values of being creator obsessed, lean and fast, and being scientific. We have already helped millions of creators take their channels to the next level. Simply put, we change lives. Why Join Us? Our work is exciting as we are transforming the creator… analytics space. This has provided many of us to work on new and exciting projects. Equally, we've set our people up for success by giving them professional development opportunities like courses or conferences that will help them acquire desirable skills/experience. Our company has met the future of work head-on, with a fully remote company that allows you flexible hours to balance work & life. schedule for you. When it's time to go on vacation, we have an unlimited vacation policy so you can recharge. Job requirements What you will be doing As a React Native Mobile Engineer, you will improve the user experience and performance of applications that are appreciated by millions of users monthly. If you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and jumping in, then read on! You will be part of a successful worldwide remote team. We have people from all over the world. Strong communication skills are essential for this position. The tools we use most heavily right now are React Native and TypeScript. We also use Asana for project management, GitHub for code reviews, and Slack for daily communication. Some projects you will work on include:
    Refining our signup and purchase funnels on mobile through A/B tests experimentations (ios & android); Implementing mobile attribution systems for measuring marketing channels; Improving user interfaces of growth product pages (pricing, upsells, onboarding); Improving our tracking and experimentation systems; Writing tests-oriented code that covers common user workflows to ensure stability across all of our clients; Leveling up the team by reviewing code and suggesting improvements; Designing well-crafted components that can be refactored easily to shift requirements as needed; Taking ownership of features and projects you create, from planning through execution. Technical requirements 2
    years of React Native experience Redux experience Keen eye on UI implementation Nice to have TypeScript experience Redux Saga experience Native development experience (Java/Swift) Who you are We are looking for someone who loves to ship world-class user interfaces for mobile applications with solid communication and coding skills. You will be working in a dynamic environment, collaborating with top-notch engineers like yourself to build a solid and scalable architecture for our products. :
    ) You will likely be a culture fit if you are:
    A builder - Mobile development is full of helpful tools, libraries, and patterns, and you enjoy using these to build products people will love. You like new challenges and strive to ship new features to customers regularly. A life-long learner - You enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in the frontend space. If a project uses a framework that's new to you, you dive into the docs and tutorials to figure it out. Have an owner mentality - When bugs appear, you document and fix them. When projects are too complex, you work with others to refine the scope until it's something you believe can be built in a reasonable amount of time and maintained in the long run. Care about code quality - You believe simple is better and strive to write code that is easy to read and maintain. You consider edge cases and write tests to handle them. When you come across legacy code that is difficult to understand, you add comments or refactor it to make it easier for the next person. Balancing Act - Great products must balance performance, customer value, code quality, and dependencies. You know how to consider all of these concerns while keeping your focus on shipping things. The great communicator - If a project is off-track, you bring it up proactively and suggest ways to simplify and get things going. You proactively share status updates without being asked and strive to keep things as honest and transparent as possible.
    Salary Range:
    $80K -- $100K
    Minimum Qualification
    Software DevelopmentEstimated Salary: $20 to $28 per hour based on qualifications