VRK IT Vision Inc. is looking for a ruby developer

    Job Description
    Job Title: Ruby Developer
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio…
    Duration: Long term
    Experience: 7

    Required and Desired Skills/Certifications:

    • In-depth understanding of object-oriented programming.
    • Expertise writing Ruby code outside the Rails framework.
    • Expertise in Rails.
    • Understanding of agile software development.
    • Familiarity with basic server administration and deployment via Capistrano and Docker.
    • Familiarity with AWS and the AWS console.
    • Familiarity with automated testing platforms.
    • Ability to work independently without relying on significant management oversight.
    • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office products.
    • Proficiency in using mobile carrier portals.
    • Experience using Telecom Expense Management platforms is a plus.

    Additional Requirements:

    • Ability to work after hours and weekends to deliver projects on time when necessary.

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    • Position Id: 2023-133