Workato is looking for a Senior Rust Developer

    Workato is the only integration and automation platform that is as simple as it is powerful — and because it’s built to power the largest enterprises, it is quite powerful.

    Simultaneously, it’s a low-code/no-code platform. This empowers any user (dev/non-dev) to painlessly automate workflows across any apps and databases…

    We’re proud to be named a leader by both Forrester and Gartner and trusted by 7,000+ of the world's top brands such as Box, Grab, Slack, and more. But what is most exciting is that this is only the beginning.


    We are looking for an exceptional Senior Rust Developer to join our growing team. In this role, you will be responsible to:

    • Building new products inside the company.
    • Develop new code with Rust, and deal with existing Go/Ruby code
    • Create PoC in the new areas and drive them to production or drop them away.


    Qualifications / Experience / Technical Skills

    • Strong experience writing, shipping, and maintaining Rust code (2+ years)
    • Knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms, multiprocessing, memory management.
    • Experience developing high-performance asynchronous applications with Rust (tokio).
    • Good understanding of network protocols and stacks.
    • Good understanding of DB technologies: classic databases and modern no-SQL.
    • Understanding of Linux environment
    • A deep understanding of Pub/Sub architectures is a plus
    • Golang/Ruby knowledge is a plus
    • Experience working with WASM is a plus
    • Good DevOps practices and tools knowledge is a plus

    Soft Skills / Personal Characteristics

    • Readiness to work remotely with teams distributed across the world and timezones
    • Spoken English (at the level enough to pass the technical interview and later work with colleagues)
    • Being a result-oriented problem solver.
    • Prefer coming up with proposals, rather than following the directions.
    • Being open to new projects and changing the areas.
    • Readiness to travel for business in US (post-Covid