Worldcoin is looking for a Senior Orb Software Engineer, Rust

    This opportunity would be with Tools for Humanity.

    About the Orb…

    Worldcoin's launch requires a "Proof-of-Personhood": a way to determine someone is human (not a bot) and hasn't already claimed their free share of Worldcoin. This is why we developed the Orb.

    The Orb is an advanced biometric imaging device, custom-designed for Worldcoin's launch. Orbs are deployed to a global network of operators, who use the device to onboard new Worldcoin users. During this onboarding, the Orb will generate a hash of each user's iris and submit it to Worldcoin's trustless backend (built on Ethereum). For more details on how the Orb is part of Worldcoin's privacy-preserving approach to Proof-of-Personhood, see How the Launch Works.

    The Orb solves a fierce combination of engineering and UX challenges, centered around image quality, security, and ease-of-use. Each device has an advanced iris imaging system, designed to work consistently across real-world lighting conditions. An additional suite of sensors feeds into an onboard fraud detection system, enabling use in unsecured environments. These systems are combined in a sleek industrial design with a simple, minimalist user interface.

    About the Team

    The Orb Software team is a small group of industry experts, software generalists, and passionate hackers - collectively driven by Worldcoin’s ambitious mission. We're responsible for all software running on the Orb, plus software for manufacturing, automated testing, and fleet management. The multidisciplinary nature of the project requires us to work closely with Security, Backend, Hardware, and AI & Biometrics teams.

    Our team embraces the challenges involved in bringing the Orb to life. In this pursuit, we value first principles thinking, pragmatism over perfection, and the sanctity of deep work. We empower each other to own large projects end-to-end, and strive for excellence as a team.

    About the Opportunity

    In this role, you will help build the Orb's core features, which include biometric image capture, advanced anti-fraud checks, and secure backend communication. You will use Rust to manage multiple real-time sensor streams and integrate tightly with custom neural networks. Along the way, you'll work closely with specialists in embedded systems, security, and machine learning.

    Your work will be regularly deployed to our global fleet of thousands of Orbs. The correctness, performance, and security of your code will be a critical factor in enabling millions of people to participate in Worldcoin!

    About You

    We strongly encourage you to apply for this position if you are motivated by Worldcoin's mission, have exceptional software software engineering abilities, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

    We're especially interested if you have:

    • 5+ years experience in systems programming, robotics, IoT devices, or related fields.
    • Extensive experience using Rust in real-world applications.
    • Familiarity with GNU/Linux and device trees.
    • Experience building security-critical applications.
    • Excellent communication and project management skills.
    • A mission-driven and team-oriented mindset.
    • Candidates with strong C/C++ experience instead of Rust are also encouraged to apply.

    Pay transparency statement (for CA and NY based roles):

    The reasonably estimated salary for this role at TFH ranges from $176,000 - $270,000, plus a competitive long term incentive package. Actual compensation is based on factors such as the candidate's skills, qualifications, and experience. In addition, TFH offers a wide range of best in class, comprehensive and inclusive employee benefits for this role including healthcare, dental, vision, a 401(k) plan and match, life insurance, flexible time off, commuter benefits, professional development stipend and much more