WunderGraph is looking for a Senior Golang Engineer - Remote in EMEA

    One part of WunderGraph is what we call the "Engine", it's the backbone of our product and is used in our API Gateway, the WunderNode. As we're seeing more and more demand for our product, we're looking to extend our team with a Senior Golang Engineer who will be working mainly on the Engine and the WunderNode.
    This is why we’re hiring a full-time, fully remote
    Senior Golang Engineer - Remote in… EMEA
    As a Golang Engineer at WunderGraph, you will work on some fun projects
    The "Engine" is essentially a Golang application which translates GraphQL requests into any other protocol, like OpenAPI, SOAP, gRPC, GraphQL, Apollo Federation, etc… You could consider the Engine as a "GraphQL Compiler" or Transpiler. The Engine is responsible for parsing, normalization, execution planning, execution runtime, etc… If you are interested in working with ASTs, AST transformations, etc… you will love this kind of work. We have performance requirements, so you should be proficient in writing performant and low GC code in Golang.
    Some of your tasks will take more than a few weeks to complete, Ideally, you're someone who likes to go deep on one topic instead of going wide and shallow on many different topics.
    Here's a list of things you might be working on:
    Extend the Compiler "backend" to support Apollo Federation v2
    Extend the Compiler "backend" to support gRPC
    Implement a native Go-based data source for SOAP and OpenAPI, currently we're using a Node.js based solution with a bridge
    Improve the batching-implementation of the Engine
    Improve the performance of the Engine in general, driven by feedback from our customers
    If I (the CEO) had more time, I'd do all of this on my own, just because I enjoy this kind of work. Unfortunately, my role requires me to focus on Marketing, Sales, Product, and other aspects of the company. That's why we're looking to expand our "Engine Team" with you!
    What you bring to the table
    You should have enough experience to work independently
    A hard requirement is that you can dig into hard problems and find solutions on your own. We can help you to understand the Engine Architecture, but then you should be able to work on your own.
    You should have experience working with ASTs, AST transformations, etc…
    You should have experience writing performant and low GC code in Golang, and know how to benchmark Go code
    Experience with GraphQL, API Gateways, Proxies, and Networking in general is a plus
    Experience with OpenAPI, SOAP, gRPC, GraphQL, Apollo Federation is a plus
    Ideally, you could show through your Open Source contributions that you're a good match for this role
    You should be comfortable working with a remote team and be able to communicate effectively in English
    You should be open to meeting with the team for a few days in a row once per quarter in a retreat-like setting
    You'll be primarily working on open source projects, so you should be comfortable working in the open
    The Engine team is currently 2 people, you'd be the third. The team is in EMEA, so you should be in a similar timezone.
    How we work
    We're currently a team of 13 developers. We have cycles of 2 weeks, but we keep the planning and regular meetings to a minimum. We really like async work, e.g. by writing down RFCs and discussing them asynchronously via GitHub or Notion.
    It's currently a super exciting time to join WunderGraph, as we're seeing a lot of traction in the market. This means that you will be working on a product that has immediate impact on our customers and their businesses. You'll get immediate feedback after a feature is released and see how it's being used by our customers. We love small iterations and shipping early and often so we can get feedback as soon as possible and adjust our plans accordingly.
    At the same time, we put a lot of emphasis on quality, testing, and code reviews. We're currently building out a testsuite of end-to-end tests to improve the stability of our product a little bit more with every pull request.
    Why it’s fun to work at WunderGraph
    Small, fast-moving team (really nice people!) with team members from 9 countries
    You can make a difference both with your work and your personality
    Opportunity to be part of a fantastic engineering culture
    Build something you love
    Discretionary PTO
    Competitive compensation
    Quarterly team retreats across the globe
    Note: This is a full-time, fully remote position. We are looking for someone who is available to work during European business hours.
    The Process
    Intro with our CEO and CTO
    Culture fit call with the team
    Reference Check and Offer
    We’re looking forward to your application so we can grow together