ZETTALOGIX INC is looking for a Python Developer

    Python Developer

    North Carolina, United States - ONSITE…


    • Ability to modularize python code using Single responsibility principle and write object-oriented code in python.

    • Ability to code unit and integration tests in python using test containers, fixtures and pytest.

    • Experience/Exposure in Redis, Minio or Local Stack and Pandas library.

    • Ability to create Docker containers from code and test them locally.

    • Experience in AWS using boto3 library for AWS s3 and other services.

    • Experience in Data pipeline/ETL.

    • Experience with Django, Flask or other Python frameworks

    • Knowledge of Django REST Framework

    • Familiar with front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3

    • Worked with RESTful APIs, third-party SDK Integrations and common technologies like JSON

    • Familiarity with the Git version control system

    • Understand database transactions and familiar with MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.

    • Strong understanding of Python and Django

    • Good knowledge of various Python Libraries, APIs, and tool kits.

    • Experience in designing and using RESTful APIs.